Pinball Parts For Sale.

We are happy to answer any questions about projects you have in mind.  We will provide quotes upon request.

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Fursona Land (Proto-Type Stages)

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Sea Ray (Bally)

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This is currently a pinball machine I am working on restoring and price will come after I have finished the machine completely and then tested the daylights out of it!

Fursona Land Pinball Drinking Glasses (By MotoGlass)

Fursona Land Pinball Drinking Glass.

Fursona Land Pinball Pint Glasss For Sale!

Get them at Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2016.

Will be for sale closer to PRGE 2016 which is Oct 21st - 23rd.

Proceeds of glasses go towards Pinball Reviewer Repairs Custom Fursona Land Pinball, Pinball Machine on the left of these pint glasses.

If you want Local Pick-up I will give out my home address.

I will email you my address if you are local.

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(NOTE: Two glasses are $18.00 for local pick-up or $26.00 shipped. The two are reduced due to inperfections in the etching process if you want them let me know through my email at:

Club House (Williams)

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This pinball machine is currently in my que for restorration!

Price on this machine will show up when I am done with the restoration.